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    • Jesus Going to His Death
      Jesús en Camino a Calvario
      Jesus taken from the Cross
      Jesús bajado de la Cruz
      Teaching on Pascual Mystery
      Cuarto de Reconciliación
      Básilica de la Inmaculada Concepción
      Father Bill with RCIA
      Enseñanza sobre el Misterio Pascual
      Huesos Secos
      Dry Bones
      Patty Flores Profession Mass
      Votos Perpetuos de Patty Flores
    • Art Challenge / Concurso de Arte
      Sacred Heart Chapel Art Challenge
      For immediate release:                                                                  1/10/14
      Press Release
      Sacred Heart Chapel
      4301 Pearl Avenue, Lorain
      The Lorain Arts Council
      737 Broadway Avenue, Lorain
      Are very pleased to present a unique collaboration between the Church and the Arts with the Sacred Heart Art Challenge to be held during the Fiestas Patronales, July 11-13, 2014. The invitation is open to all parishioners, friends of Sacred Heart Chapel and any artists who may wish to participate. The Art Challenge will be a juried show and also have a People’s Choice Award. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize and the winning artwork may be used to adorn the facade of Sacred Heart Chapel.  After the fiesta weekend the artwork will be exhibited in a special presentation at The Lorain Arts Council. 
      All interested parties may contact: Yolanda at Sacred Heart Chapel, 4301 Pearl Avenue, Lorain phone (440) 277-7231 or email     Details at

      Instructions for contest

      Instrucciones del concurso

    • Andrew Gregory Rodgers & Pauline Rodgers College Scholarship Program Fund
      Click the link below to download the application.
    • Small Church Community / Pequeñas Comunidades Eclesiales
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       It is easy to be in a large parish for years and still get lost in the crowd.  It is always challenging to take the faith we celebrate in the Eucharist beyond the doors of the church to our families, our places of work, our civic lives.  We weren't ever meant to do it alone.  Try becoming part of a SMALL CHURCH COMMUNITY.

      What is it?  -- a group of 8-12 fellow parishioners who commit to God and to one another to pray daily, to pray with the Sunday Scriptures during the week, to reflect on what God is doing in their lives, and to share that experience of life and faith with one another.

      Why is it important? -- The SCC makes us accountable to others for living the faith we profess.  It teaches us about living in Christian Community and helps us to more actively connect our life and our faith from day to day.  Most importantly, it strengthens the whole parish as we come prepared for worship on Sunday, primed to hear the Lord who both calls and sends us.

      How much of a commitment is it?  -- Some SCC's meet every week.  Most meet a couple times a month, or every other week.  A meeting lasts about two hours including social time and snacks.  But ultimately Christ will invite you to gradually commit your life completely to serve God.  He is a "jealous God" after all.

      But what if I don't have the time?  -- We all have the same amount of time each day.  How we use it has to do with our priorities.  When your desire to grow as a Catholic formed by the Gospel and walk with others who desire to serve the Lord becomes important enough to you, you will find yourself able to commit the time.  Pray about it.

      How do I become part of a SCC?  -- New groups form as enough people express the desire.  Sometimes an existing group wants to strengthen its numbers by receiving new members.  Call the parish office at 440-277-7231 and leave a message for Maria Gonzalez expressing your interest.  We will follow up with you promptly.

      God Bless you as you seek to live your Catholic faith daily!
    • Calendar/Calendario
    • A Mission Driven Parish
      Our Mission Statement
      Our mission is to live as an engaging Catholic community, formed by the Gospel, nourished by the sacraments and centered in the Eucharist. Rooted in Hispanic cultures, we embrace diversity and welcome all.  We seek to grow in our faith and share it, to build unity and promote justice.

      Nuestra Misión
      Nuestra misión es vivir como una comunidad Católica comprometida, formada por el Evangelio, alimentada por los sacramentos, y centrada en la Eucharistia.  Arraigados en las culturas hispanas, celebramos la diversidad y acogemos a todos.  Queremos crecer en nuestra fe y compartirla, fomentar la unidad y promover la justicia.
    • Core Values: Valores Esenciales
      Seeking intimacy with the Lord
      Buscar intimidad con el Señor
      Growing in understanding and deepening our conversion
      Crecer en comprensión y profundizar en conversión
      Loving one another as Jesus loves us
      Amarnos unos a otros como Jesús nos ama
      Offering our talents, time and resources
      Ofrecer nuestros talentos, tiempo y recursos
      Embracing the dignity of each person
      Reconocer la dignidad de cada persona

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